Gifts from Heaven by Susanne Funk

Gifts from Heaven

This book is based on true happenings written for kids ages four to twelve. The distraught  giraffe- teacher, after calling out to Jesus to help her, gets three surprise gifts. Those “ Gifts From Heaven” turn out to be unique ways God decided to answer Susanne’s prayer that day. She is encouraged that God is with her and loves her.

Some unique features are:

Reflection questions for each page spread to allow for true- to- the -heart , honest connections with God, as well as with the person reading the book.

Nostalgic illustrations that were purposely chosen to reflect the heart of the story. A little meerkat on the bottom of the page will surely delight all readers as it mimics the storyline in its unique way. Most of all, both young and old will be comforted by the reassuring message that God is only a short breath prayer away.

Publication Date

June 23 2021





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Gifts from Heaven by Susanne Funk