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Gifts from Heaven by Susanne Funk
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Gifts from Heaven by Susanne Funk

Gifts from Heaven

This book is based on true happenings written for kids ages four to twelve. The distraught  giraffe- teacher, after calling out to Jesus to help her, gets three surprise gifts.

Those “Gifts From Heaven” turn out to be unique ways God decided to answer Susanne’s prayer that day. She is encouraged that God is with her and loves her.

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About the Author

Susanne Funk

SUSANNE FUNK is a retired elementary school teacher who lives on a country property in Manitoba, Canada. Susanne and her husband enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren, family, and friends. In her spare time, Susanne loves to cook and bake for her loved ones.

She also enjoys doing crafts and working in her garden. Her life mission is centred on pouring out unconditional love to her circle of influence. Susanne feels that extending grace to others is always best, and one must forgive to feel free. Most of all, she feels that God is real and answers prayers.


Gifts from Heaven by Susanne Funk
Susanne Funk became a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association